19. What information and documents do I need for my initial appointment?

  1. Your most recent pay stub showing your gross income year-to-date, including your spouse’s pay stub
    even if the spouse is not filing bankruptcy with you.
  2. W2s for the past two (2) years.
  3. Proof of other income such as 401K and IRA withdrawals and tax refunds.
  4. If you are self employed, your last two years tax returns.
  5. If you are self employed, a month-to-month Profit and Loss statement for the past six (6) months.
  6. A list of your creditors, account numbers, and the amount of your debt.
  7. Payoff amounts on all vehicle loans and the mileage on the vehicles.
  8. Mortgage statement for your home loan showing the payoff amount, and have an idea of the approximate
    value of the property.
  9. Information regarding any student loans.
  10. Information regarding any tax obligations.
  11. Information regarding in co-signed loan obligations.
  12. Information regarding any lawsuits, judgments, liens or wage garnishment against you.
  13. Copy of any trust instrument that you have a beneficial interest in.
  14. A general idea of your household expenses.